Baby's First Apartment

You realize that your family is too uptight and godfearing to actually ever have a lot of fun living together, and that the time has come for you to spread your birdie wings and hope not to fly, not fall, out of the family tree. Packing your few possessions and your massive, thrifted vintage wardrobe you get a job at a corporate coffee shop, and tell your bff you are coming to rescue a her from her suburban daydreams.

You get an apartment in the ghetto, about three blocks from one of your high schools- the one where your life was threatened every day because you had pink hair. Logic aside, you score a cheap and secure apartment on the floor below a friend. All you need is random lover X and your roomieĆ­s antics to entertain. You remodel the basement of the place and try to paint the bathroom. Eventually, the girl alarm sounds, and another friend moves into the vestiblule of your one bedroom apartment to escape a ridiculous boy situation. Nesting accomplished, you

Boyfriend swap to relieve boredom {coming}
Drink, And drink. And drink. {coming}