Axon Hadassah

Photo by Alison Picard

As a performance artist, musician and troublemaker I'm
Damien Luxe.

As a writer, activist, DIY media maker & teacher, textile artist & event curator
I roll out as Hadassah Damien.

And it's Miss Hadassah Damien
to some of you.

If you made it to my site you know that I like to be loud and unruly about liberation, bodies & sex, femininity and queers, and that I like to hate on the endless fake-ass wars abroad and in the USA in which oppressed people in this country are dying, and real death like oil & money keeps flowing to the privileged. But in case you didn't, there it is.

Yeah yeah Damien,
but what do you *do*?

Visit the overly-detailed About page or just explore some of the links and media on this site.


Exorcise: An ongoing performance piece that takes Homorobics x healing justice x somatics x spandex.

Seen on the Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow tours, in Philly at Lemonade July 17, in Montreal at Perver/cite August 3, and in Brooklyn at the Vent Festival.

The Fist Is Still Raised: a visual culture research project on the history of the raised fist image in political art. There's an online archive, and I also do a live slideshow.


Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow queer femme performance art!! An annual tour and monthly Brooklyn events.

Terra Incognita Intentional gathering several times a year in the Northeast of artists to retreat, vision and inspire each other.

Work Hard/Stay Hard: This is a building project which takes place each September, which benefits the queer-owned land Idyll Dandy Acres in middle Tennessee, home to Idapalooza and queers who dream of hollers and farming.

DIY Tech/Events Hart Collective || Heels on Wheels Design

Past Projects

Department of Transformation Assortment of Brooklyn/travelling circus-like artists intent on massive cultural production and queer supremacy.

Hot Pink Mass: participatory performanceinvoking femmeifestations and Trisha

I <3 Queer Femmes Femme Family NYC | Femme Collective Media Co-Chair

Push-Up-A-Thon a videotaped month-long project [Dec. 2010] where I did 20+ push-ups every day in a different location, sometimes with help, always with a story.

Femmes Fight Back: Touring performance honoring feminine rebellion

Teaching Artist Tour

House of Trisha: Photoshoot | Lexicography | her history

Ice-9 A series of dance-hits and cabaret performances about science, technology and sexuality. Gaybomb song/video about a Gay Sex Takeover, toured Europe with Maplechasers Jan 2010. Sweet.

MFA in DIY the photoblog I occasionally update as I travel the continent

Choose Your Own Gay Teen Punk Adventures: story cycle and wanna-be podcast

Exquisite Witness | external site: Science + Stories!

$pread Magazine: love them! I produced the mag for a few years...