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Femme Family

Vanifesto!! [coming!]
You put "van" in front of most words and they get better - you put a van in front of me and I get happier. From my forthcoming Vanzine.


Published Works

[Homofactus, 2009]
Without a Net
[Seal, 2003]
Geeks Misfits and Outlaws
[McGilligan, 2004]

Vanzine [coming!]
Femme...Coming Out
Poly: A Contact Sport
$pread Magazine
[sic] Magazine
Bad Subjects Journal
The Gargolye,
Ask An American column

*Things That People Make interview, 2009
*FemmeCast - Episode 2 2008
*SWIRL , 2007

Non / Fictions

Trisha: A Lexicography [new tab] [popup] NEW
The family history of my favorite made-up inspirational girlfriend.

Dirty Reiki [new tab] [popup] NEW
Maybe some non-touch healing would be good for me?

Borders: Dream On [new tab] [popup]
Who gets through and why.

Waiting [new tab] [popup]
It's almost time. But not yet.

Unicorns=Dick Theory [new tab] [popup]
Sit on this, Freud.

Connectionist Manifesto [new tab] [popup]
Polymorphic anti-heirarchical hypertextualists unite!


Scar [new tab] [popup] NEW
Pull the skin / The briefest manifestation of envy for its flexibility

Eulogy [new tab] [popup]
For all the women who have been lost, for the crime of being female and shameless.

Can't Stop in America [new tab] [popup]
About learning to drink outside the USA...and then coming back.

Occupy Yourself [new tab] [popup]
Ever been bored at work?

Your Girlfriend, Jack Daniels and 3am [new tab] [popup]
Please, we have all been there. With your girlfriend.