Get Dumped by Said Girlfriend

Having returned from your acid-laden family vacation, you meet up with the love and star of your life. But she is quiet, restrained, sad.

“What’s up? Didja miss me?”

Not so much is said in reply, certainly not enough to lead you to believe that much happened.

The next day, you meet up as usual, ready to make art and make out. Your girl is fully distant and is not painting or using glue or anything, even though you stole some new urban shrapnel to play with.

Nikke looks forlornly at you, and tells you, “You’ve changed.”

“What, while I was on vacation?”

“I don’t know, you just seem different.” Comes the bitter reply.

“So?!“ a cold feeling like the beginning of the flu takes over your system. Your brain appears to be refusing to register this information. You don’t fucking understand what you did! You had to go on vacation, that’s what being 16 and living at home is all about. This fucking sucks.

Your girlfriend boots you out the apartment, and you skulk around the porch, smoking cigarettes with her roomates, your friends before you go home.

A few nights later, you are accosted by her ex-boyfriend, your old friend Tomcat. You are running around the warehouse, looking for people to drink 40’s with, and find him in his space, door open, cooking.

He packs a bowl and you sense that this generosity is not for nothing.

"So, did Nikke tell you anything?"

"No, she's being totally weird. Why?"

"Well, while you were on vacation...we slept together."

These two had been together, right before she and you, actually. She'd called him an impotent twerp, so sleeping with him after you makes no sense.


"Yeah, I felt really bad but it...happened."

It is good that you don't have a cell phone. It's especially good that you are essntially nice and not mean. Because all his expensive stuff was withing reach of your 14 hole boots.

After everything that'd she'd been down for, sleeping with this dude hadn't been on the list.

To stalk her mercilessly [the end].

To make amends ... by sleeping with her beau.

To get a tattoo or piercing on cable access TV