All-Girl [except the drummer] Punk Band

You start a band with your filthy / awesome best girlfriends. Due to the violently dirty and poor lifestyle you all inhabit, punk rock seems like the best style of music to run with. The line-up: lead guitar is Mess, dirtiest of you all. Rhythm is Guili, nasty black hair extensions and 89 pounds of pure psycho fun. Brie is going to sing, which makes you kind of jealous, but you will be playing bass, the one you just inherited from your stupid now-gone to Idaho to pursue his design career ex-boyfriend. You don’t have a drummer yet, but this doesn’t dissuade you. You have to learn bass, anyway.

So you get your friend Mess to teach you bass. She is a guitar genius, and has evil clowns tattooed up her arms. You think you might be in love with her but are really too unsure of how to proceed to make a move. The one time you do get her to make out with you, sneak her back to your place at three in the morning, rolling around in bed and she’s the first person to ever kiss the inside of your elbow; and her tattoos are dirty, everything is dirty about her. And you love the way she smells. But then at 5 am, when you’re maybe brave enough to get under her many ripped shirts, your mom busts into your bedroom and ruins the whole thing. Humiliating. “We were just hanging out” placates, because nobody knows, yet.

And so you subsume your sex drive into learning to play a pidgin bassline and practicing. Well, you practice with the lead guitarist and singer, and you hope that the drummer will be able to figure it out, whoever they are. You even write a song yourself:

Gin & tonic / does me right/
I want to fight / I see the light/
I’m drunk all night / on GIN AND TONIC!!!

You have to scream the last part to really get the point across.

One of your metalboy connections gets you a show at the Penny Arcade, where you’re informed that you're lucky not to have to pay to play. Some big name boys are throwing a gig and you get to be first opener!!! At 9pm!

And then you mom announces family vacation the week before!
"Mom I have a show and I can’t not practice!!!"

"Well, the three of us are a family even without your dad and we are going on vacation!"

The fun-oriented family vacation is a new phenomenon, instated after the divorce to instill family values into the broken home. You resign yourself by taking a practice amp and your bass along with a strip of acid with you and finding somewhere in the south that will sell your 17 year old self a carton of cigarettes. Monarch all the way. You know what happened the last time you went on a family vacation [and if you don’t, go here] so it couldn’t be worse, at least.

When you finally get back your show is, dramatically enough, the next night. Your girlfriends and you have to name the band and find a drummer tonight, so you throw a houseparty.

To boyfriend swap with one of your bandmates at the houseparty, go here. {coming}
To spend your life recreating that excitement of preparing for a show, Book your own fucking life!!
To play the show, go here. {coming}