Youth Group

While at youth group a weird feeling comes over you during the group singalong. You have dragged your best friend and suddenly you feel embarrassed about all the enthusiasm for friendly pool games, heart-to-hearts, and brotherhood-is-powerful rallies in barns. You Are Not Cool Right Now signs are beginnnig to flash. Bits of revolution in your mind tell you something isn’t right. The smiling faces that line your walk to your usual hising place in the upstains womens washroom seem forced. Still, you return the next few weeks to flesh out some facts.

You are torn—thanks to your Door’s-inspired questioning nature— what is so great about group singing and the immutable love of an invisible being that may or may not exist care, or want anything to do with you, anyway? Besides, if Xianity is anything like popularity, you want nothing to do with it.

Your attempts at mental reconsillation do not go unnoticed, and two people come over ot talk to you, your friend and almost-peer, Sara, and Bill, a Youth Cajoler, er, Leader.

To make plans with Sara for the upcoming weekend, go to oxford.
To have a heart-to-heart with Bill and be convinced not to think too hard about the whole thing, show again up next week anyway.
To not even worry about it and stress out internally only.