I bet she was so over it...

Radio Spot, future tense: Who's listening when you talk to the universe?

Airport Lounge: Two people meet over Gin & Tonic en route to Tulsa.

Arsenic: It looks like fucking gold.

Excuses: What you tell your friends after.


Saturday Oct 11, 8pm: NYC @ Le Petit Versailles Outdoor Garden Theatre, 346 Houston

Shows TBA in Toronto, Montreal, Pluto.

Can You Close the Circuit?

We are the stories we remember; without adherence to fiction or truth. But without a Witness, are some of these stories incomplete? Are we therefore incomplete?
Exquisite Witness is a science experiment and a live theater spectacle involving two performers who blur the boundaries of identity by evoking multiple personas in succession in an attempt to relate previously untold histories.

The Electron Wranglers

We are two individuals fascinated with the expression of internal imaginings and struggles through humor and pathos. We believe that speaking either our truths or the truths of others renders the individual beautifully less important than the act of creating said truths. The energy created when the desire for communion and understanding is given an outlet for movement from one individual to another is facilitated through storytelling. Therefore, we are informed by the feminist tradition of bearing witness to the experience of others, the modernist tradition of the intricacies and fallacies of storytelling, and the power of the oral tradition. We also operate with a careful understanding of the power assumed in relating the truth of an Other. We are writers, performers, and are actively participating in the virtual culture of shareware and 'copyleft' sampling to create our music. We choose to utilize both traditional and innovative methods in our work.