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Random Tracks

Exquisite Witness
Exquisite Witness

I bet she was so over it...

You're almost ready, but not yet.

Can I Fuck It?
Last time I let myself get picked up at a went not so good.

Road Worn

DLuxe Live Jan 2010
Traveling for the last year has left me with a whole new set of music and quitting smoking means I can sing, now. Sick and true.

Working Girl Blues
There might be a few things you don't know about how this world works...

My Favorite Sister [live]
I don't want to think about her.

Ice-9: My most recent full DIY album! Awesome!

Ice-9 is an album against the scientific method, yet it used timeconsuming testing and retesting to perfect the 9.999 tracks about technology and sex that are on in. The cover photo is by Erin Siegal. The mastering is by Lindsay Vari. Ya want it? It's $9.99:

To all the hot AGs on the JMZ//To all the fine ladies riding the AC.

Science = Death
Science tells us man is king // Science doesn't know every motherfucking thing. The Queer X Show uses this in their new show.

My Virgin Ecstacy
Seriously: Stop the War, End the Occupation. This song is about that. And Pluto.

Also with: Gay Bomb | Craigslist and more...

Bad Girls' Belief System

Bad Girl's Belief System was released 4.31.2005 at Hurricanez in Toronto. The Montreal release party was at Toc Toc June 7.05. This is all self-made music, info on the DIY page. Email to order, only $12 inc S&H.

Butches Got Back
Sir Mix a Lot is constantly in redux by homos, and this is my version. Look into Team Gina and the Boy Choir of Athens for more versions!

Occupy Yourself
Have you ever been bored at work? Also this is maybe my favorite thing I've done.

Back Room
A creepy number, one of the first full length tracks I created!

Trash & Ready: Bombshell Lexicon

Trash & Ready was a Toronto-based all-femme multimedia performance troupe made up of myself, Tara-Michelle Zinuik, Zoe Whittall, and Lisa Foad. We wrote the words and co-made the music with Thomas Sinclair, and released the album Bombshell Lexicon in May 2005. Cover art by Suzy Malik.

Femme Cock
A poem about getting over her and being a girl with a dick.

Live: The Gladstone
My poem about getting caught freaking in a bathroom. Oh like you haven't ever.

Live: Letters
This is for the celebrities you want to talk to or ask questions of, that of course you actually can't.

Live: Trash & Ready
Theme poem!