You, through an act of grace or something slipped into your daily portion of coffee, find yourself actually completing the pointless projects assigned while reading everything on the extracurricular list at school. Maybe you envision the true path that you are destined to take, maybe you just show up hungover to write lyrics for your band while acing tests.

Either way, you're making it out, and you start waking up with a renewed sense of possibility. This is not something you can purchase in a drug or even pick up from your very best friends. Its only form is pure, and it is an intense high. Even going to work doesn’t seem so bad.

Untold stories reveal themselves to you every hour, causing you to relinquish creative control of your brain to their lines and twists. Your body bends again, stretches and flexes, even though you had to stop taking karate because your dad beat you up and then wouldn't pay for it anymore, probably so you could never ever defend yourself.

You diligently graduate high school on the honor roll, despite the man’s efforts to hold you down through standardized tests and the tyranny of due dates. Somehow, though, your vision grows foggy-–you must make a decision…

Get an apartment with your best friend.
Suck it up and just get a job like everyone else does. [coming]