The Library, your real bff

You hang out at the library because books are more awesome than most people you've met so far. One day you're sitting there in your babydoll dress and magenta hair when you notice the lanky creature in a Skinny Puppy tshirt stocking books a row away. Having no cool-points to lose, you strike up a conversation, "Hey, can you help me find a biography of Emma Goldman?" and find out that this boy who works at the library near your house is not just a smarty-pants like you, but a window to another dimension. Your deciding to need to hang out in the library that day was not chance--you come to believe that it was fated to occur because this boy is so fucking amazing.

You hang out more and more frequently. You get together on the plaground in between your apartment complex and the house where he lives with his foster parents to make out. You meet his video-game-obsessed-but-loyal best friend who helps you realise that that Industrial music is cool. You commence going out on group outings to shows with names like the Sextacy Ball.

You are 15 (almost 16, man!) and this means that you are capable of being obsessive more now than ever again in your life. You use this trait to fixate on the boy: make him Know that YOU ARE IT. His whole tip of being cool without being pushy and gross like most boys you've met makes it all the more fun for you. Here you are trying to have some semblance of human contact and whatís that? He's on the phone like a regular person. You made it happen- now take the next step.

Get rid of your virginity.

He's so rad, but life is harsh when you're broke, and everything comes down to you and a boy in love, in a fucked up situation. He has to live somewhere, and all of his friends are moving to Nashville, TN in search of some mystical Punk Scene that apparently hovers around the area. Since he can't afford to live here alone, he moves with them. You give him your sleeping bag and a comic book you made. This isn't your first experience in the miserable unfairnesses of existence, but it hits closest to home. You break up because you are both teenagers and prone to changing, but life goes on, and after a tear stained month, so do you.

Make some punkrock girlfriends.
To go to a show with the boy before he leaves town.
Make copies of all his music and start a fanzine.