Make some friends

While walking down the Avenue you stumble upon a boisterous boy with pink hair and leggings and his best friend who looks grumpy in a cool-sardonic kind of way. Wham-o, the youth culture that you KNEW was out there is now in your face, stimulating your hopes for a future and exciting your present moment. At this point in time you realize that other people on the planet are sentient, alienated and creative, too. Life takes a turn for the better just by existing in it's multiple forms and proving it. You jump onto a car and make beautiful music with your hands.

You are no nurturer, yet you have the uncanny ability to introduce people who will spend the rest of their lives together, in habit or in friendship. You introduce the industrial crew a la your boyfriend to the techno-punk crew, and, seemingly out of nowhere, there appear other punks with a house and everybody goes to live in it together. Visiting your friends at the three-bedroom house with 11 people living in it is much homier than you may think - everybody eats pasta, nobody cleans up, and life is ok! That is, until everyone manages to quit their jobs simultaneously and they can't pay rent and they are about to get kicked out...

Before everyone moves out there is a big party.
You get your own place and don't sweat it.


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