Chad & Sam

One day you and the kids are hanging around. While coalesced in the square with not much else to do but sit there, a red convertible draws up and in it sit two teenagers. Driving was a guy with black sunglasses and curly dark hair, young, but clearly old enough to buy beer, which is enough to make anyone cool. Next to him is a kid, really; a younger guy with a buzz cut and a bookbag. They smile at you all, introduce themselves: Sam the younger and Chad the elder. They ask if you want to hang out. Of course, as long as there’s beer.

You end up at their nearby apartment, drinking beer that Chad bought for you. We saw Simpsons dolls hung on nooses on the walls, and knew the kids were all right. It turned out that the boys were newly moneyed, having gotten a small inheritance upon their fathers death, hence the convertible. They seemed pretty happy about that. It the boys also had some youngish female roommate that seemed to have a real job and a real life. Unknown then, she will soon terrorized out the house.

Sam went to Josh Lofton, the local juvenile delinquent high school, where you only had two classrooms a day, because the kids were considered too irresponsible to change classes, so the teachers came to them. All the windows had bars on them, and lunchtime was a terrible chaos where Sam did shit like fight guys triple his size and eat glass so the other kids would think he was too crazy to drag away and beat to death in the surrounding abandoned streets. Near the school, across the expressway was an abandoned neighburhood where you make special trips to the Salvation Army, because it was on the far side of town. Another girl you will eventually fuck lived over there, near the home where Susan B Anthony grew up and the park where the Fredrick Douglas monument was and the neighbourhood crackheads rolled around and smoked.

Chad had just gotten a job at the local sub place, which he would subsequently lose for giving away food to his poor or lazy friends. Later, in New Mexico, a supposed friend would leave him and yr best girl Nikki stranded in a hotel room, him working at a pizza parlor, trying to pay the rent on the room with the job, and getting fired for giving pizzas away out the back door to friends. What an idiot. That shtick doesn’t work until after a few months at a job, not in the first few days, you thought everyone knew that.

But before all that and all the rest to come, your gang met Chad and Sam at the square.

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