MUSIC VIDEOS: NEW Working Girl Blues | Gaybomb | Craigslist

LIVE: NEW Dead Stars | Science=Death | Exquisite Witness: Scientist Intro | My Hero, The Radiator | Femme Cock | Can't Stop Drinking in America | The Gladstone


Working Girl Blues

This video first played at Whores On Top in Toronto, and Pay as You Go in New York, in October of 2009. It will be at festivals in Seattle and Rome Winter 2010!

Thanks to Sarah Jenny for video camera usage.


What *does* Very Good Looking mean in real life, anyway?!

Everyone in lezbiqueer New York understands this video -- and most everyone else does, too.


The music video to go with the legend. Shot in Niagara Falls, Canana and the old Hart Collective in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, winter 2007.

Thanks to Silas Howard, Rhys Ernst, Ruthie Doyle, Tobaren Waxman and Eliot Montague for advice and support.


Jan 14, 2010 NYC @ Heavy Petting: Dead Stars

Glenn Marla's HEAVY event challenges performers to take risks, so my risk was singing.

NYE Party '09 @ The Hart Collective Brooklyn

The track is Science = Death. I performed with Making Friendz and Butch & Bellie, and DJ's As If and Tanner rocked us late!

Exquisite Witness @ Le Petit Versaille Theatre, Oct 08

The mad scientists of Exquisite Witness introduce their highly complex Electrotechmagnifier, and demonstrate it's use.

Thanks to Kristyn O'Reilly for videotaping; to Darelle Vary for running audio tech; to Le Petit Versailles for hosting us.

My Hero, the Radiator, July 07

At the Wildrose Bar in Seattle, as part of the Science of Sexy cabarets I was touring then.

Thanks to Lindsay Vari for organizing this show; to Cass Hodges for introducing me; to Emily Lebsack for videotaping.

ps: punks not dead.
pps: It felt better to fuck myself than to kiss you.

Femme Cock, May 07

A poem about getting over her. Live at the Limbo reading series, held at The Outpost in Brooklyn.

Thanks to Ignacio and Khane for having me!

Can't Stop Drinking in America, Jan 05

"To me, america means fearing the worst, and hoping for the best."

This reading was at the IV Lounge in Toronto, with the incredible Anna Camilleri.

Thanks to Vlad Wolanyk for videotaping.

The Gladstone, Sept 04

On the Wordwhore tour with Trash & Ready, at the Casa del Popolo in Montreal.

Trash & Ready was myself, Zoe Whittall, Lisa Foad and Tara-Michelle Ziniuk, and we performed 2004 - 2005, and made a CD called Bombshell Lexicon.

Thanks to Trish Salah [for being an incredible poetic genuis and] for videotaping.