Artists / Writers / Orgs.

New York:

*Sarah Jenny, photographer and activist
*Hart Collective, Sarah & my project!
*Glenn Marla, performer
*Heather Acs, teacher & performer
*Betsy Davis, Travel photographer
*Shameless, photographs for all bodies!
*Bloodhound Photography, Ally Picard's great work
*Terry Marks, tattooist & painter


*Tara Michelle Ziniuk Writer / Poet
*Shannon Taylor, Painter/Illustration
*Zoe Whittall, Writer
*Trash & Ready [RIP]
*Coral Short
*These Things That People Make
*Jordan Arsenault

South + West:

*Erin Siegal, SF photographer
*Sadie Lune, SF writer/performer
*Live Photo Booth Seattle photog project
*Bent Writing Institute in Seattle
*Bring Your Own, Vancouver burlesque
*Olivia Edith, illustrator

Online + all over:

*Riot Grrrl Inc., queer music rEvolution
*Women Action and the Media

Activist Projects

Sex Workers' Rights:

* $ - $pread blog
* Bound Not Gagged activist blog
* Stripperweb
* Urban Justice Center Sex Workers' Project
* Desiree Alliance Conference

Femme Activism:

*NYC Femme Family
*Femme Collective - group who organizes the Femme Conference
*Queer Fat Femme blog


*Radical Homosexual Agenda
*Critical Resistance

Performance Festivals

*Queeruption yearly radical queer conference & culture event that happens in a different country each year.
*Sista-hood Vancouver Festival
*Sex Workers Film and Art Festival SF-only cabaret style festival
*Homo-a-GoGo, queer music event
*Idapalooza Fruit Jam


*Dirty Queer, PDX Lit Night!
*Trade: Queer Things [RIP]
*Arts and Letters daily digest

Fun & Sexy Times


*Church of Craft
* - Zine-making resources
* - homemade, from cute to evil


*Lesbian Sex Mafia, NYC Queer/Trans kink group
*Hanky Codes
*Sartan's BDSM Workshop Project Guide, for crafty perverts
*Serena Noir's kink links