For more info on the history and background of the House of Trisha, see the Lexicography and Ally's photo page: Bloodhound Photography.




What started with a small group of expatriate and international Canadian/US artists has blown up into a character of epic proportions: Trisha!

HISTORY: House of Trisha

Trisha hides spells in cigarette packs, weaves magic late at night on the street, knocks over drinks, soils dresses, dances too close with your lover, eats from the fridge, kisses strangers, breaks into song, talks fast, knows someone everywhere she goes, gets it wrong and tries again. She’s drinking from the wine bottle and waving a rainbow flag that says “These Colors Don’t Run.” Lipstick stains and attitude; sticking up for herself and the people she likes around her.

Trisha is quite simply, a bad girl; the part of us who wants to be out of control and who has all the faculties to do it and succeed at being unbounded without causing major damage. Trisha fears no rules, no person, no encounter, because she’s completely unselfconscious, she’s doing and if you’re just watching, why aren’t you doing, too?

* November 2008 - Hadassah "D'Luxe" Hill, Alison Picard, Coral Short, and Maya Suess all got together to play dress up and see what happened -- and an extreme femininity emerged; something nameless and big, something that embodied all of us and got melodramatic: Proto-Trisha.

* February, 2009 - D'Luxe and Heather Acs were at Santa Anita Racetrack in LA, dressed fabulously and betting on horses based on their names only. When the fifth race came up and Crazy Trisha was on the list, we became excited: “Get on track girl!” -- and, “Maybe she’s so crazy she can win!” Crazy Trisha did not win that day, but something was born with the knowledge of Her that takes winning a trifecta to town.

* April 2009 - The next shoot brought all these artists together, becoming first wives and sisters, parents and strangers: Family.

* June 2009 - For the third shoot, Coral and Hadassah costume more extremely, and the Monster Trisha emerges: Hairy.

* July 2009 - D'Luxe writes a Hot Pink Mass honoring heroines and calling forth our best inspirations, and of course Trisha makes the cut. In Montreal she makes Herself known by sending down thunderbolts during a performance of the Mass.

* October 2009 - The fourth shoot has Hadassah, Heather and Maya manifest Trisha in sports, her competitive nature and her extreme zeal: Sporty.

* November 2009 - The Hot Pink Mass takes on a life of its own, calling to Trisha to guide and Trisha to lead in lust and zeal.

* Forthcoming in 2010 is a shoot displaying Trisha in History/Future Trisha.

A year later, Trisha and Her people have grown in number and dimension. Ally takes the photos; D'Luxe obsesses over documenting the lexicography; and these two plus Coral, Heather, and Maya vision the sets, costumes, attitudes and characterizations. The people around us in Brooklyn and beyond know Trisha as our callout and our troublemaking girlfriend. Together we create a heroine -- something we couldn't do alone; something that wouldn't inspire us nearly as well without the girl gang playing it up.