Prayer of Confession:

I believe in the Holy lemniscate, in chaos
And that all belief is magical,
    the perfection of the Platonic Life Partner,
    the communion of gmail,
    the refusal to forgive all the bullshit we've gone through,
    the resurrection of a righteous ferocity,
    and living the dream everlasting.


Hot Pink Mass flyer What is the Mass?

Combining elements of Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Judaic and Magical traditions, the Mass uses music, an invented femme diety named Trisha, and a "revivalist" aesthetic to ask the questions: what do we deserve and how can we effect change?


Mass Intro: from Jan 23, 2011 @ the Hart Collective, as part of QuORUM Forum

Why A Mass?

When we asses the need for liberation on all fronts, moving from past to future as queer people, we must look at identity-based oppressions as well as cultural oppressions; and it is on the latter that this piece focuses. The dual knife of hierarchy and the political displacement of our dissatisfaction that comes with some manifestations of Christian religions effect queer people in both our ability to see our selves and our capacities to change the world around us fully.

Meditation Thoughts:

"All acts of personal/collective liberation are magical acts." -Phil Heine
"There are worlds within us, and the universe is infinitely more weird, I`m sure, than all our theories put together." -Pete Carroll
"We're too important to take ourselves seriously." -Janet Cliff
"Praise the lord and pass the ammunition..." -Anon.
"...and pass the whiskey!" -Trisha