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Theoretical Episodes

Episode 1 - Do It Yourself/Collectively

In our first Choose Your Own Cast, we crack open the cookie jar of collective storytelling, and listen to some tracks that have been made as I've toured around teaching people how to record themselves + some stories from my punkasfuck teenagehood about our accidental collective process

Episode 2 - Trouble

In the upcoming episode of ChooseYourOwnCast, we talk about getting into, out of, and avoiding trouble.

Episode 3 - Ingesting

You drank it, you smoked it, you put in in you and then what happened? How did you get it and who was there?

Axon HadassahIllustrations by SALT.

Choose Your Own Cast is a podcast of stories about being punk, queer and under 20ish. You can jump chapters in the podcast to choose your endings, and as the series grows, you can even jump among podcasts. Hey! It's hypertext!


I am seeking your teen punk stories! I welcome gay story submissions! Funny, sad, serious, ridiculous, memoir, fiction, old, new. Send em.
**Length - 50-500 words, which is 30 sec. to 5 mins. recorded.
** The only true requirement is that the story be written in the second person. Eg, "You wake up and think about how much you hate the government and your ex-girlfriend." "You go to the seven-eleven for a slurpee." You get it.
** Format - sending a recorded audio file is ideal but if you truly cannot record your piece [see below] email me the text and I can record it for you. But it will sound so much better in your voice! If you're in NYC we could record it together. To record yourself, check out the tutorial on the DIY page!
**Email your MP3/M4A to: Include the URL to your site/blog/myspace/project and your name as you'd like it credited. Do me a favor and put "podcast" or "story for ChooseYourOwnCast" or something else nice and obvious in the email subject line.


HYPERTEXTS: Choose Your Own

Choose Your Own!

Click above or pick a story below to start from to open your very own hypertext version of the beloved series. But written for actual [gay teen punk] girls. Suggested accompianment music includes Babes in Toyland, Crass and Lydia Lunch.